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33% of WordPress Sites Need to Update

‘WordPress updates, who’s got time for them?’ It can be tempting to think this way but, in short, you need to make time for them, without exception. We see reports multiple times a year that a large proportion of WordPress websites are running an outdated version and the latest research…

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Do You Really Need That Plugin?

We’ve all been there; you set aside a few hours to research potential improvements to your WordPress site and suddenly you’ve installed fifteen new plugins and you’re not quite sure what half of them do but a marketing blog told you that you really, really need them, so who are you…

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WordPress and Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery. It can be time-consuming and expensive to set up, so do you really need a plan in place? It’s an easy question to answer: yes, your business absolutely does need a robust disaster recovery plan in place from the day your website goes live. Theft, viruses, hacking, natural…

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WordPress and Accessibility: Amazon Polly

You might have noticed that accessibility has become a huge talking point when it comes to WordPress and, more broadly, across web design and development as a whole. This shift towards mindful inclusivity has shown itself in multiple ways, from talks about accessibility dominating recent Wordcamps, to new plugins hitting…

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What is a WAF and Does Your WordPress Site Need One?

Today we’re putting the focus on a specific element of website security that you’ve probably seen discussed but might not know the function of: WAF. What is a WAF? The acronym for Website Application Firewall, a WAF is a security measure that blocks harmful traffic from your website. Think of…

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