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So many people say content is king, so many people are absolutely right!

In recent years, content has been the driving force behind many successful online marketing campaigns and shows no signs of slowing any time soon. While we all know that fact, creating great content can sometimes be difficult and time consuming – that’s where we come in.

Create copy to attract, convince and sell

Creating body copy is the science of understanding what language your visitors use in relation to your products and how they use it – this understanding drives your own use of language when creating copy to engage your audience. Online this usually means avoiding marketing speak as this rarely relates to how we actually use language and what people are literally searching for. Body copy should include a strong call to action message and convince the visitor that your product or service is the right one for them.

Keyword research

We use a suite of online research tools to find out which terms are most relevant and drive the most search traffic. Combining this with competitor levels and your business insight provides a powerful method of determining which keywords to use throughout your website copy. The result is website copy that is not only attractive to search engines, but also includes the words and phrases that real people are using, drawing the right kind of traffic and resulting in high conversion rates.

Use your search data

A goldmine of keyword information is already collected by analytics packages, as most reporting solutions supply historic search data providing valuable information to body copywriters. The words and phrases used in search engines queries are tracked and often the words placed within links (known as “anchor text”) from external sites are also included in that data. This data includes the types of phrases people already use to find your content. AWESEM can assist in merging this data with conversion and ranking data, giving you a massive edge over your competitors.

Content is the most important element of your website and as they say, content is king, so be sure not to neglect it. Get in touch with us today.


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