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Making a return on your investment? We can help you maximise your potential

Making a suitable return on your investment should feature highly on you priority list, in most cases appearing in the top 3. Whether you need advice on how to incorporate multiple revenue streams or maximise an existing one, we can give you a hand!

Make your website work harder

Whether you are currently selling advertising or are completely new to making money from your content, we can provide analysis that reveals the true potential of your site. We will provide a realistic and most important of all, honest assessment of the opportunities it may yield. Standard contextual adverts and display ads seem to be the obvious ways to make money with a website, but there are many other ways to monetise content.

Ideas and reporting

Our site monetisation services give you access to a wealth of experience in this field and our experts can help identify opportunities you may not have considered or be aware of. Depending on site theme, there may be a wealth of commission based marketing potential at your fingertips. These could include:

  • Product feeds & API integration
  • RSS advertising
  • White label solutions
  • Apps & Widgets
  • Membership programs
  • Sponsored content
  • Digital products such as E-Books
  • Paid for knowledge transfer, tutorials and podcasts

We can help find out how much your content is worth to help focus your efforts on ideas which generate revenue and try to maximise the existing potential through conversion improvement.


Great ideas are nothing without great implementation and we offer the expertise to help develop opportunities as well as making them a reality. AWESEM will provide access to its library of digital monetisation answers and code snippets to solve the development issues many sites face.

Get in touch with us now and find out how we can assist in helping your digital monetisation efforts and make money online.


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