Ascent Debt Collection website design and build project


Ascent Performance Group Ltd offer ethical and compliant debt management solutions to businesses across the UK.


The Objective

Ascent have two sides to their business.  One is the corporate side which deals with large scale financial clients and the other deals with their client’s customers who may need help with their finances.  There was a feeling in the business that their existing site as was too focused on the corporate side and not enough on the customer side.  The mission was to redress this balance in the refresh of the site while maintaining a consistent brand.

What we did

First of all, you know you’ve been around a while when one of your clients asks you to refresh a site that you built in the first place!  This was a bonus as one of the really hard jobs that we completed way back in 2011 was their budget calculator with over 150 form fields!  The main challenge was getting the design just right for both corporate clients and for the customer facing side of the business.  After going live the call centre fed back that they loved the new call back functionality on the site making their lives a whole lot easier.   Always great to get positive feedback from the cliff face.

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