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Storify, the online service that allows users to collate social media posts into a single story, announced in December that it is ending its service in May 2018. In line with this change, the  WordPress plugin will also be discontinued.

Currently installed on over 2000 sites, the plugin became unavailable from December 21st ’17 but users are still able to continue using the service until it closes down in May. However, all existing stories and accounts will be removed on May 16th, so users are urged to find an alternative service and take any required back ups of stories before this date.

Storify isn’t completely out of the picture though, as Storify 2 allows users to import content from Storify. Storify 2 is a paid feature that’s part of Livefyre (the company that bought Storify back in 2013) and they published a ¬†‘Storify End of Life‘ guide to cover the main questions users may have about the discontinued service and how to export content to Storify 2.

As has been noted in many other reports about the closure of Storify, there’s likely to be a huge gap in the market for a similar service that allows WordPress users to collate social media posts into a story on their site. If you’re a plugin developer looking for your next project, this could be one to consider.

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