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33% of WordPress Sites Need to Update

‘WordPress updates, who’s got time for them?’ It can be tempting to think this way but, in short, you need to make time for them, without exception. We see reports multiple times a year that a large proportion of WordPress websites are running an outdated version and the latest research from The SSL Store is worrying. After WordPress 4.9.5 hit the web they decided to run a report to see just how many of the top 10,000 websites running WordPress are using an outdated version.

Shockingly, over 49% of the websites tested are running a version of WordPress that is at least one update old, with almost 34% at least two updates behind.

We want to use these figures as an opportunity to remind everybody reading this that keeping your website up to date is imperative, from both a security and a performance point of view. WordPress updates are released for a reason and they’ll keep your site safer from potential hackers and ensure that it’s working well for your audience.

To update quickly and easily without causing any disruption to your site we recommend taking a back up of your live site and updating on a safe staging site initially. That way you’re able to amend any elements of the site that may break when you upgrade and you can then roll out the update on your main site without any worries.

We understand that this process may seem daunting to those without a dedicated technical team, so please don’t hesitate to contact us today to find out how we can help with this and any other WordPress support issues you may experience.