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At AWESEM we pride ourselves on delivering quality work. We understand your projects the way you do.

With millions of websites out there, why is it so hard to find a company that you can trust to help you with your web projects?  The commoditisation of development work has led to an inevitable drop in the quality of service available.  We believe that a face to face understanding of our client’s projects is crucial to delivering on expectations and think that this can still be produced at a reasonable cost.  Come in and talk to us and see if you agree.


We Design

We pride ourselves on creating products that not only have visual appeal but convey a message and connect with the intended audience. Your website is often the shop window into your brand and so it is imperative that it puts across the right message. Is it professional, credible, does it instil confidence in the viewer? These are all the things we consider with every new web design project.

With 75 million sites and blogs out there powered by WordPress, the need for individuality is a strong one. Whether you need it to power your company website, news or magazine site or personal blog, we can style it to your taste, not 74,999,999 others.

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We Build

The first part of our philosophy is that every finished project should allow a non-technical person to run their site and almost never have to ask for help. This means that when we build something we have the end-user goals in mind from the beginning. We get under the skin of our client’s thinking such that when it comes to adding new content to the site, the process is logical to them.

The second part of our philosophy is that every site should be search engine friendly from the outset. This means that our code is great for search engines giving our clients a head start in the race for traffic.

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Wordpress Themes

We Make WordPress Themes

We make WordPress Themes and sell them on a couple of WordPress theme market places. As we approach 5,000 sales with all the support that goes along with these sales, we can say that we really truly understand the dilemmas of a web master. Most problems our direct clients have we have had to deal with on one of the support forums. This is a two way street though and we often pick up tips and ideas from our theme client base that we can apply to our bespoke design and build clients.

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We Support

Designing and building a website is only the start of the journey. We know that most of our clients will want us to help them in the future so when we build something we know we’ll be able to support it going forward. Content changes, technical tweaks, hosting, software updates, backups, security and performance monitoring or new functionality are some of the support services we offer.

We design and build for clients but support is for partners. Whether we’ve built your site or not we will be happy to talk to you about your requirements.

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