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5 Pricing Best Practices for Divi


Elegant Themes are in the process of running their Divi 100 Marathon: 100 days of Divi resources as they count down to the release of Divi 3.0 on day 100. It’s been packed full of exciting tips and tricks to help users get the most out of Divi, with day 20’s resource being our favourite so far, which is what we’re sharing with you today.

The team posted a list of the five best practices you should be using with Divi’s Pricing Table module and there’s some seriously helpful information included so do make sure you head over to the Elegant Themes blog to read more.

For now, we wanted to summarise our favourite tips from the post:

  1. Focus on the Benefits to the Customer

In this tip Elegant Themes lay out the importance of maximising customer interest by showing them how opting for a certain service is going to benefit them – whether it’s through additional features, cheaper rates or saving time.

For example, instead of just saying ‘free domain’ in your feature list, a small change to ‘save money with a free domain’ can have a big impact. Additionally, swap ‘advanced security’ for ‘advanced security to protect your site’ and your customers can really start to see how choosing this particular package can add value to their business.

2. Assign Meaningful Names to Your Plans

We’re a big fan of this one! Rather than naming your packages something nondescript like Gold, Silver and Bronze, consider a naming strategy that makes life easier for the customer who’s trying to decide between them. They might not know why they need to pay £50 a month more for Silver than Bronze, but if your packages are titled Startup, Small Business and Corporation they’ll have a much better idea which package is best suited to their needs.

To discover the rest of the tips you’ll have to head over to Elegant Themes and read the full article but we hope you’ve picked up a couple of tips that will get you thinking about ways you can use the Divi Pricing Table module to boost your business.