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Amazon Creates Blueprint for Audio WordPress Blogs

Amazon’s recently released Alexa Skill Blueprints scheme allows users to create and publish skill blueprints to the Alexa Skills Store. The aim is for the blueprints to serve as a starting point to inspire developers to bring these skills to life, meaning all users can get involved whether or not they have previous development experience.

One of the blueprints Amazon has already created is designed specifically for use with WordPress blogs. Working in conjunction with the Amazon Polly plugin, the blueprint will allow WordPress blogs to be read through Alexa-enabled devices, using text to speech tools and RSS functionality.

The Skill Blueprints hub shared examples of how the blueprints works, as well as full details of how to create and use the blueprint on your own WordPress blog. 

After welcoming the Amazon Polly plugin last year, it’s great to see Amazon bringing more inventive WordPress functionality to the table, particularly those that put emphasis on accessibility.