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Automattic: A Meditation on the Open Web

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It can be deafening online. Log onto social media for five minutes and you’ll feel your energy levels drain. Businesses, bloggers, and everyday users are all shouting over each other and update after update after update fills your screen. It’s exhausting, isn’t it?

If you’ve felt this way, you’re certainly not alone. This week Automattic shared a video titled ‘A meditation on the open web’, which is a must-watch for anybody feeling burned out by the commotion online.

Whether you’re a fan of meditations or you’ve never tried one, we urge you to take three a half minutes out of your day to give the video a watch:

In the video Automattic likens Facebook to ‘lots of honking traffic, people everywhere, the sound is deafening‘ and Instagram gets similar treatment: ‘all the houses are boxy and identical…when you look closer at some of the houses you realise they’re actually just billboards meant to look like someone lives there‘.

The video goes on to highlight the freedom of the open web and the importance that users have their own autonomous space online, whether that user is a multi-national business or a hobby blogger. There’s a lot food for thought in the video and we’d love to hear your thoughts on whether freedom and control over your own space are two of the reasons you chose WordPress for your business site.