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Five Digital Marketing Strategies for WordPress Sites

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At AWESEM our emphasis is on creating first class websites for our clients, to help them make their mark on their chosen industry. While having an eye-catching website is a fantastic way to create a memorable first impression on your customers, if customers don’t know your website exists then it’s a moot point.

To ensure your website doesn’t get lost amongst the masses you need a solid digital marketing strategy to boost brand awareness and get more pairs of eyes looking at your site than ever before.

There’s so much to say about digital marketing strategies and their importance that we could talk to you all day and still not be finished, so today we’re going to keep things short and simple by introducing five digital marketing strategies for WordPress site owners. Whether you favour a multi-faceted approach or would rather put all your focus on a single marketing element isn’t important; what does matter is that you understand the importance of digital marketing and ensure that your strategy grows and evolves in line with your business.

Now, let’s take a look at our top five digital marketing options for WordPress site owners:

Social Media Marketing

The rise and rise of social media marketing shows no signs of slowing down and the general consensus amongst marketers is that your brand doesn’t really exist online if you don’t have dedicated social media channels.

Whichever channels you choose, our recommendation is to pick two or three that complement your brand and do them well, rather than trying to maintain a presence on every single channel that springs up.

Recommended plugins: Social Media Feather // Juicer // Social Media Auto Publish

Content Marketing

Content marketing is tipped as a must-have element of any brand’s marketing strategy for 2017 so it’s the perfect time to give your website copy a spring clean and start running a company blog if you aren’t already.

Keeping your content fresh, engaging and informative is a surefire way to keep customers returning to your WordPress site again and again.

Recommended plugins: MyCurator // CoSchedule

Affiliate Marketing

Popular amongst both bloggers and business owners, affiliate marketing (which works on a commission basis) can bring fantastic results if you’re willing to put the work in and couple your marketing strategy with a website design that stands out when it comes to both design and user experience.

Recommended plugins: Easy Affiliate Links // Affiliates Manager // Affiliates WooCommerce Integration

Email Marketing

When it’s done correctly, email marketing can yield results like no other form of digital marketing. However, it’s doing it correctly that can be tricky! There’s a real art to email marketing and we’d always recommend getting a helping hand from some of the excellent email marketing WordPress plugins that can give you detailed insight into your audience.

Recommended plugins: Email Subscribers // MailChimp for WordPress // SumoMe


SEO might seem like a strange addition to this list but it should always be in your mind when forming your marketing strategy. Marketing is all about visibility and what better way to boost the visibility of your WordPress site than by improving your SEO and watching your site fly up the search engine results?

Recommended plugins: All in One SEO // Yoast SEO // Jetpack


Now we want to hear from you! Which of the above options do you currently utilise to market your business? If you don’t currently have a marketing strategy in place, we hope we’ve inspired you to learn more about digital marketing and start formulating a strategy to help elevate your brand to the next level.