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(Updated) Statistics About WordPress Usage in 2016


Earlier this year we shared five surprising facts about the way WordPress is used around the globe and now six months have passed we thought it was about time we updated the post to reflect WordPress’ new records and achievements. It seems like every week brings an exciting new development about the world’s most popular CMS, so what better way to celebrate than by looking and some of the incredible stats about WordPress usage?

WordPress Now Powers 27% of All Global Websites

In our original post WordPress had just secured 26% of the world’s websites but that figure has continued to grow and the total now stands at 26.9%. When WordPress 4.7 arrives in December will we see another surge? Is it possible to hit 27.5% before 2017 arrives?

There Are (Still!) Billions of Comments, Posts and Page Views on WordPress Blogs

WordPress blogs are receiving more traffic than ever before, receiving an average of 22.15 billion page views each and every month, over a billion more than they received lsat year.

Proving that WordPress is a fantastic channel for community and two way conversations, an average of 46.6 million comments have been posted on WordPress blogs each month in 2016. As well as that, it’s predicted that almost 1.4 billion spam comments are filtered out each and every month by WordPress’ filters and the associated plugins.

Translation is Booming

Last month we blogged about the upcoming WordPress Translation Day 2016 (taking place on November 12th, so there’s still time to get involved!) and it seems as though translation has become an even bigger part of the WordPress community this year. WordPress is now available in an incredible 72 languages and the number is always growing, opening up the community to every corner of the globe.

WordPress 4.6 is a Hit

We’re always reminding readers how important it is to keep their WordPress site fully updated, encouraging users to download the latest version as soon as it hits the web. It sounds as though we’re not the only people who feel this way, as WordPress 4.6 has been downloaded a whopping  21.75 million times so far. However, recent data suggests only 40% of WordPress sites are running the latest version, so it’s about time the other 60% downloaded WordPress 4.6 to boost their security and enjoy all the new features 4.6 has to offer.