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Freemius Checkout Introduced


The Freemius team have been working hard on a brand new version of Freemius Checkout over the past few months, and the software has finally been released. It’s set to make life a whole lot easier for developers who want to sell WordPress products on their site and we’ve got all the details.

Freemius describe it as ‘the simplest way to start selling your WordPress plugins and themes online. Anywhere online.’ All you need to do to get your products listed for sale is set your pricing, integrate the Freemius SDK code into your product and paste the ‘buy button’ code snippet into your respective website – and you’re done!

You’ll get to enjoy a fully secure and PCI compliant checkout, which uses the Stripe.js and PayPal Checkout, for both your and your customers’ security. Another handy feature is that you can set your own software licensing and have the ability to choose what happens when the license expires.

The main thing you might be thinking is why should you use Freemius when tools like WooCommerce are available? Well, the Freemius team answered this question with the following statement when they announced the product:

‘We are big fans of both EDD & Woo! Having said that, setting up any of these e-commerce solutions is very time consuming and requires an initial financial investment (buying software licensing add-ons, gateway add-ons, etc). Plus, you have to have a WordPress installation running, purchase & set up SSL certificates (pain in the a$$), create gateways accounts like PayPal & Stripe, which aren’t supported in many eastern countries, and maintain the whole thing.

With Freemius Checkout you can start selling in minutes, it’s secure & PCI compliant, no need to set up any gateways, our business model is rev-share, so there’s ZERO initial dollar investment, it comes with software licensing and automatic updates. And you can sell from any website (doesn’t have to be WordPress).’

Interested in giving Freemius Checkout a go? All you need to do to get started is head over to the Freemius Checkout website and register for the Beta. If you give it a try don’t forget to comment below and let us know what you think.