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Global WordPress Translation Day 2019

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After a break last year, it’s time for the WordPress Translation Day event to return for 2019. Scheduled for May 11th, it’s time for the WordPress community to come together and participate in the 24 hour global event that puts the focus on translations.

As the team behind the event describe it:

WPTranslationDay 3 is a 24-hour global event dedicated to the translation of the WordPress ecosystem (core, themes, plugins).

It’s a unique and innovative event, a cool mix of digital and physical: the international community of the WP Polyglots will meet at the same time locally and digitally for a 24-hour translating marathon that will provide inspiration and training to both coders and translators on localizing and internationalizing through live talks and local meetups.

The last WordPress Translation Day was the biggest so far, with users in 29 countries taking part and over 345 new language packs created. It would be great to see these records broken during this year’s event, so we encourage all of you to add the event to your calendar and join in using the hashtag #WPTranslationDay when May 11th rolls around.

For up to date scheduling and local event announcements, head over to the WP Translation Day website.