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Make History with the Global WordPress Translation Day

Last year we blogged about the Global WordPress Translation Day and this year the event is back and bigger than ever. Now entering its third outing, the translation event is due to take place on September 30th 2017.

Building on the popularity of the last year’s two events, 2017’s WordPress Translation Day will feature a 24 hour marathon of translation sprints to shine a spotlight on the important work carried out by the Polyglots team. Over the years the team has seen significant growth, from 5000 in April ’15 to a whopping 17,000 in November ’16. We’re excited to see what this figure will surge to in the wake of this year’s Translation Day!

Ensuring WordPress remains a worldwide community is an important part of what contributors work towards, and this was reflected in the new dashboard widget introduced in WordPress 4.8. The widget promoted WordPress events taking place near the logged in user’s location and it’s been a huge success, with over 15,500 new members joining the 30 new meet up groups that have sprung up since the widget’s introduction.

Over 780 translators took part in the last Translation Day event, and organisers are hoping to see an even bigger figure this time around. Local translation sprints are welcome to be organised by (new and old) members of the Polyglots team, and these will join the line up alongside live sessions on CrowdCast, remote events, speeches and more.

To find out how you can get involved head over to the WordPress Translation Day website, or search #WPTranslationDay on social media for live updates and news.