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Shopify Plugin for WordPress is Discontinued

After 9000+ active installations, Shopify have announced their official plugin for WordPress has been discontinued. The plugin was removed from the WordPress plugin directory last week and will cease to be supported after June 30th 2017.

For those WordPress users who want to continue displaying Shopify products on their site, they’ll need to create a Buy Button and paste the generated embed code instead. The Shopify Help Centre has a guide to the process for anybody who needs assistance with the transition.

There is no official statement on why the plugin has been removed but it’s been suggested the change could be down to Shopify wanting greater control over their integration with WordPress and wanting the ability to offer users additional functionality and layout options. As the plugin was developed by a third party provider, it was limited in terms of what it offered Shopify’s users.

Do you currently use the Shopify plugin on your WordPress site? If so, we’d love to hear what you think about the latest change so please do leave us a comment below with your thoughts about Shopify’s latest plugin news.