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Sucuri Acquired by GoDaddy

GoDaddy recently announced their acquisition of online security firm, Sucuri, noted for their suite of robust web security packages and services. In a blog post outlining the move, GoDaddy have announced they ‘couldn’t be happier.’

Speaking about the link between the two companies and the reasoning behind the acquisition, GoDaddy’s Senior Vice-President (Kevin Doerr) had the following to say:

The vast majority of our customers aren’t website security experts, nor should they need to be to secure their websites. Combining Sucuri with GoDaddy’s scale will advance digital security for our customers by making it simple, timely and affordable.

And how do Sucuri feel about the acquisition? They’re just as thrilled as GoDaddy, with founder Daniel Cid stating:

Since our inception we have always had a single goal of protecting our customers’ websites. Now we have the opportunity to take this same philosophy from a few hundred thousand sites to millions of sites.

The brands promise that it’s business as usual for their respective customers but that exciting developments will be announced soon. We’re looking forward to seeing how these two online titans combine forces to take hosting and securing websites to the next level for both personal and corporate website owners.