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Tiny Receive $4m in Series A Funding

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Earlier this month Tiny announced that they’ve received $4m in Series A funding from BlueRun Ventures, which will allow them to scale the community and add more features to their current roster. While no official announcements about new features have been announced, we’re keen to see how this $4m injection will help Tiny grow over the coming months.

If you’re not sure how this news relates to WordPress, you might be shocked to discover that you utilise one of Tiny’s more prevalent offerings, TinyMCE, every time you create content in WordPress. Both the WordPress Classic Editor and Gutenberg have been built on top of TinyMCE, which has admittedly led to some confusion in the community. 

Is Gutenberg replacing TinyMCE? Are they one and the same? Is TinyMCE owned by WordPress? To help combat confusion Tiny have released a comprehensive FAQ that covers everything from whether Gutenberg is replacing TinyMCE to whether Gutenberg will impact Tiny’s business as a whole. It’s well worth a read to answer your burning questions about the upcoming 5.0 release and shed a little more light on how TinyMCE, the Classic Editor and Gutenberg all intersect.