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The Web Design Trends of 2015

2014 has been a fantastic year for innovative web design and we’ve seen numerous trends spring up throughout the year, including grid design layouts, flat design elements and the boom of responsive design.

Now 2014 is drawing to a close we’re looking ahead to try and predict what the biggest design trends of 2015 will be. So, let’s get to it, shall we?

Scrolling Websites

Parallax sites have been spotted all over the place recently and with good reason. They look slick, have minimal loading times and, as such, as great for mobile users. With everybody from Sony to Oakley jumping on board, we look forward to seeing this design become a key trend next year.

Flat Design

Windows 8 might have received more than its fair share of criticism but one interesting element it brought to the table was Flat Design, which places emphasis on minimalism and user experience. Users seem to have responded positively to the type of design, so it’s popularity looks set to grow and grow. Interestingly, it looks as though many of the trends for 2015 go hand in hand to create clean aesthetics that have minimal loading times.

Ghost Buttons

Fitting in with the clean, minimalistic visuals of the two points above, ghost buttons are sure to become a huge part of web design in 2015. Classy, crisp and stylish, they can give any website a professional look.

Full Screen Images

Photography has been slowly taking over for a few years now but 2014 was the year photography really became king. With sites like Pinterest and Instagram booming in popularity, businesses are starting to see that photography is the way forward and can be a fantastic way to reach users. Bearing that in mind, full screen images are a great way to hit not only the photography trend but also numerous other trends on this list.

Responsive Design

One of the biggest trends of 2014, responsive design seems set to grow even more next year. With browsing taking place on so many different devices it’s imperative that all websites perform just as well on a mobile phone and tablet as they do on a desktop.


Throughout the last couple of years typography has garnered more and more attention and is now widely recognised as an art form, rather than merely a means to an end. Choosing the right typography can really help to bring a site to life and it looks as though a lot more emphasis will be put on the art of typography in the months to come.


We want to hear from you! What are your predictions for the biggest design trends we’ll see in 2015?