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When Will WordPress 5.0 Arrive?


WordPress 5.0 is shaping up to be one of the most talked about releases in WordPress history, thanks to the impending integration of the new page builder, Gutenberg. Over the past weeks speculation about 5.0’s release date has been rife, and last night the proposed release schedule was announced (the full announcement is available on Make WordPress Core):

Here is the proposed release schedule for WordPress 5.0:

WordPress 5.0 Kickoff meeting: October 3, 2018

Beta 1: October 19, 2018

RC 1: October 30, 2018

Release: November 19, 2018

We know there is a chance that 5.0 will need additional time, so these dates can slip by up to 8 days if needed. If additional time beyond that is required, we will instead aim for the following dates:

Secondary RC 1: January 8, 2019

Secondary Release: January 22, 2019

The announcement also confirmed that we can expect WordPress 5.1 in March 2019. Of course these dates are subject to change and we could see the January dates above become a reality if any unexpected last minute changes need to be made, but we’re sure we speak for the rest of the WordPress community when we say we’re both excited and intrigued to get our hands on 5.0 as soon as it’s available.