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Should WordCamps Have Childcare?

The WordPress community has always worked hard to be diverse and welcoming, so is always coming up with new ideas to help the world of WordPress be as inclusive as possible. Chris Lema, one of the people behind WordCamp San Diego 2015, has given this matter a dedicated post on his blog and if you haven’t read it yet it’s definitely worth checking out.

As a large proportion of WordPress enthusiasts have children, Chris wants to bring childcare to WordCamps, firstly focusing on the 2015 San Diego event. On his blog he discusses the real world constraints parents have on their schedules, and how it can be difficult for families to attend events because of childcare issues.

After all, diversity is what makes the WordPress community so great and, as he says on his blog, ‘we don’t want our tech events to only be a place for single people, regardless of how awesome they are.’ Chris, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

What do you think about Chris Lema’s plans to bring childcare to WordCamp events? Have you ever missed out on an industry event because of childcare constraints? Let us know!