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WordPress 4.9.8 and ‘Try Gutenberg’ Reaction

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Last week the final WordPress version before the big 5.0 became available – 4.9.8 was brought to life by over 50 contributors and boasts over 40 bug fixes. However, the main feature is the ‘Try Gutenberg’ callout, which was launched to get more users testing Gutenberg before its inclusion in the upcoming 5.0 release.

The callout has worked well so far, with Gutenberg plugin installations increasing by over 300% and almost 150,000 installations taking place since the release of 4.9.8.

The other aim was to see an increase in feedback from a wide variety of users, including those who had never tested Gutenberg before. Plenty of feedback has been shared in the past week and, as has been the case since day one with everything Gutenberg-related, it’s mixed. Some users fear that the block system will replace with classic page builder, with others musing why it isn’t just included as a plugin and is instead becoming core. However, not all users are sharing negative feedback and many users enjoy the simplicity of the block builder and have given Gutenberg a seal of approval.

The rating currently sits at 2.4 / 5, so firmly in the middle and it seems as though everybody has an opinion on Gutenberg; if there’s one thing it hasn’t attracted it’s indifference.