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WordPress for Google Docs Arrives

A few days ago we saw the announcement of one of the most exciting WordPress features that 2017 has brought so far: WordPress collaborative editing with Google Docs.

Whether your organisation works with freelancers, you work remotely or have to travel with your job and require round the clock access to your important files, it’s likely that you’ve used and seen the benefits of Google Docs. Now, for the first time, WordPress users are able to bring a Google Doc document across to WordPress with a single click – without a shred of formatting being lost in the process.

Matt Mullenweg recently announced the change on his blog and included the following statement:

I’m really excited about the new Google Docs integration that just launched — basically it builds a beautiful bridge between what is probably the best collaborative document editor on the planet right now, Google’s, and let’s you one-click bring a document there into a WordPress draft with all the formatting, links, and everything brought over.

This new feature will make it easier than ever for your organisation to collaborate on content for your site and have it live in just a couple of clicks. Particularly for those who work with freelancers or promote remote or flexible working, this is set to be a huge benefit and we’re looking forward to making use of this new feature in our own working lives.

If you run a self-hosted WordPress site (as the vast majority of those reading this probably do) all you need to do is ensure you’ve got Jetpack installed and you’re good to go. Happy editing!