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WordPress REST API Proposes Merge for WordPress 4.7


The big WordPress news of the last week sprung up over the weekend, when it was announced that the REST API team are proposing a merge of the Content API and the REST API, ready for inclusion in WordPress 4.7.

Full details of the proposal were posted by Ryan McCue, including the following statement that details the main endpoints slated to be merged for WordPress 4.7:

“For WordPress 4.7 the API team proposes to merge API endpoints for WordPress content types. These endpoints provide machine-readable external access to your WordPress site with a clear, standards-driven interface, allowing new and innovative apps for interacting with your site. These endpoints support all of the following:


• Posts: Read and write access to all post data, for all types of post-based data, including pages and media.

• Comments: Read and write access to all comment data. This includes pingbacks and trackbacks.

• Terms: Read and write access to all term data.

• Users: Read and write access to all user data. This includes public access to some data for post authors.

• Meta: Read and write access to metadata for posts, comments, terms, and users, on an opt-in basis from plugins.


• Settings: Read and write access to settings, on an opt-in basis from plugins and core. This enables API management of key site content values that are technically stored in options, such as site title and byline.


• OAuth 1: Remote authentication via the OAuth 1 protocol.”

The endpoints listed were originally due to be merged in time for WordPress 4.5 earlier this year, though plans were eventually delayed to ensure the REST API was fully ready. McCue’s proposal lays out the exciting changes that we hope to see in WordPress 4.7 – and judging by the comments on the proposal from other members of the WordPress community we’re certainly not alone.