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Is WordPress Still the World’s Number One CMS?

Last week The Strategist’s article ‘WordPress [sic] was a great choice in 2008. It’s not anymore’ hit the web and it’s been a hotly discussed topic within the WordPress community.

The article stated a number of reasons why Khuram Malik, the author, feels as though WordPress no longer hits the mark as a useful CMS: the arguments against WordPress range from it taking too long to set up to being too expensive to run.

Of course, with the WordPress community being as passionate as it is, it didn’t take long before pro-WordPress opinion pieces began to spring up. There are a couple that particularly stood out to us, which we wanted to highlight:

Chris Lema’s ‘WordPress is old. So is Harrison Ford’ is a fun, well-written article that blends personal anecdotes with a deconstruction of Malik’s arguments against the world’s most popular CMS. It’s definitely worth checking out, not only for the passionate pro-WordPress argument but also to get your daily dose of Star Wars-related nostalgia.

Kyle Bowman’s ‘Is WordPress Over the Hill?’, posted on Evermore, is another fascinating read. Writing in response to both Malik and Lema’s opinion pieces, he bridges the gap between them and takes an objective look at WordPress, flaws and all.

Whoever you agree with, it’s certainly an interesting debate and something that shows just how diverse and articulate the WordPress community is. There were no flame wars, no trolling in the comments and no character takedowns – just intelligent debates about whether WordPress really is the best it can be, or if there’s still room for improvement.

So, what do you think? Has WordPress aged gracefully or do you think it has begun to fall by the wayside, in favour of newer platforms? Let us know in the comments!