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The popular WordPress blog,, has been sold at auction for a grand total of $205,200. With over 100 people bidding on the site it was a popular auction that stayed exciting until the last moment, when it was sold to a user under a ‘Buy It Now’ bid.

WPLift is a well-established WordPress blog and the sale was described by the Flippa editorial team as ‘a rare chance to own one of the largest and longest established blogs about WordPress in existence.’

With average monthly page views of over 92,000 and over 56,000 unique visitors WPLift performs well but has seen a slight decrease in traffic over the past year, so the new owners are surely hoping to breathe some new life into this site. With confirmation of $75,000 of revenue coming from the site in 2015, it looks like they’ll have a great foundation to build up something truly special.