Logo design

A logo has a tough job; instil confidence in customers, build and strengthen your reputation in your industry, while remaining simple yet memorable – quite a task! Not an easy task for a designer either, luckily we’ve done it a few times before, so we think we have it sussed.

What is it that makes a logo work?

For a logo to really work there are a few requirements that it must fulfil. It must be simple enough to work at various sizes, snazzy enough that it catches the eye, often it should be able to work in either monochrome or full colour, but most importantly it must be memorable. When we create a logo we stick to the time-proven logo ‘rules’ and work with you to create a product that not only works but also looks great.

Ideas, ideas and more ideas

The first stage of any logo project is with you, the client. We will ask you about your product / service so we understand it, where it’s coming from and what the logo should represent.

When we know what we are designing for we hit the sketchpad, yep, we start doodling. We will create a number of concepts and the ones we feel have potential we will mock-up digitally for your consideration.

Let’s expand a little

At this stage it is common to like more than one concept and so we continue to develop the chosen ideas further, incorporating any client feedback. We will begin to refine font choice, font weight, the mark colour scheme and more.

Once we’ve dabbled (it’s more technical than that really) you get another viewing.

The finer details

Once we have reached an agreement regarding the concept we can begin to concentrate on the finer details, perfect font choice, kerning, colours, straplines, inverse colour schemes, mark placement and so on until it is perfect.

The finished article

And there we have it, the finished product, the logo for your brand. We can provide you with the final version of your new logo in virtually any format whether that’s for the web, print or both.

Now you have a brand we can develop it further with a website to match or business stationery.