API development

Application programming interface? Sounds complicated but we’ve got the t-shirt

There isn’t much you can’t do with an API these days and for that reason we’re huge fans. Whether it’s a simple maps mashup, integration of social networks like Flickr and Twitter or a full-on API-based monster machine then we’re in!


APIs are a great way to enrich your website with data and functionality. Picture this: you have a website selling airline tickets, you could use the Expedia API to get hotel data for the destination, the Google Maps API to plot it all on a map, the Ticketmaster API to show what events are on in the local area and the Amazon Products API to recommend travel guides for the destination – quite a site!

It might sound complicated but APIs can be fairly simple to implement. The true beauty of APIs is in their automation and low cost – apart from the initial build and occasional tweaks, APIs are usually a low maintenance affair.


There are literally thousands of different APIs available that can be used via XML, SOAP, Rest, JSON, CSV, Excel Spreadsheet, and a variety of other means in order to automate your processes, integrate third parties systems and add value to your website.

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