Web development

It is paramount that the underlying code that powers your website is sound. Sound to perform today, scale neatly with expansion, only be as complex as is necessary and, most importantly, be efficient.

Real hands-on implementation

AWESEM provide hands-on implementation and support, alongside in-house web development teams, to directly benefit online marketing. We offer more than traditional marketing agencies, as we can provide the technical know-how to implement digital marketing solutions.

One of our specialities is SEO implementation where we take all findings from the SEO audit and SEO recommendations and put them into action. You might already have one of these documents but the previous agency was nowhere to be seen after sending it through – along with their invoice. Help is at hand! Whether you have canonical issues, duplicate content, fancy pretty URLs or you want to ensure that you keep all your existing traffic and rankings after you migrate to your new site without destroying all your previous SEO efforts, we can do all this for you or we could provide your developers with the knowledge to do so.

We’re fluent in development languages

PHP, Javascript, jQuery, XML, CSS, Sass, Responsive Design. The number of languages and tools can seem overwhelming but it’s fair to say that we’ve read the manual, re-read it, then read it one more time for luck and so we’re pretty fluent in a variety of them.

Custom app anyone?

Whatever your development needs are, whether it is implementing technical SEO recommendations, adding new functionality to your website or even a brand-new website, we can advise you on finding the most suitable solution.