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Most of the time we just want to get up and running, can you afford to spend time worrying about downtime, outages and compatibility issues? We’re guessing the answer is no so we’ll try and make this simple; we will set your website on reliable hosting. The end.

Server location favours SEO

Reliability, downtime and all the other typical hosting niggles may not be an issue for you right now but have you given any thought to the server’s physical location?

Depending on the kind of visitors you want to attract to your website, a domain name with the right suffix definitely helps. Obtaining plenty of inbound links from the country you target is also beneficial but if you want that extra edge then ensure your server is close to the the country you target.

Managed WordPress Hosting

For our own sites and for our clients we use WP Engine, which is the fastest, most reliable, fully managed WordPress hosting company out there. With data centres in London (UK), Tokyo (JP) and Texas (US), they provide our clients with a fast and secure hosting solution – and Page Speed is an important SEO ranking factor!

Read our recent article on the benefits of WP Engine and their localised data centres and find out more about the benefits it could have to your site. If you are interested in Managed Hosting or SEO services you should speak to us today.


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