WordPress plugins

WordPress is great out of the box but it can be really amazing after a few customisations with plugins. With a custom-made plugin you can take your site and add a forum, maybe a shop, a reservation system, a private members area, anything you can think of!

Custom WordPress plugin developers

Do you want an existing plugin to be modified to your requirements? Are you in need of functionality tailored specifically to your project? AWESEM is able to help! We not only create custom themes and implement WordPress as a CMS, the AWESEM development team has extensive expertise in building bespoke plugins and functionality to fit your needs.

Do it your own way

We release clients from the limitations that they are bound by with off-the-shelf solutions. Our portfolio shows that the sky really is the limit with functionality from fully integrated product management functionality used by Hallite.com to an interactive maps on Edge of Existence – there is little that cannot be done.

AWESEM works hand in hand with our clients to define, design and develop a custom WordPress plugin tailored to your needs. If you are interested in combining the power of WordPress with custom functionality that you define then speak to us today.