Image Optimisation

Image optimisation is an important factor in both SEO and the speed and peformance of your site. We can help you with the tools and best practices for ensuring images are optimised across your site.

Reasons to Optimise Imagery

Improves Page Load Speed

Non-optimised images are the leading cause of slow pages. There are huge amounts of studies showing the quicker the page, the more time people will spend on your site and the better the results.

SEO Improvement

Search engines like high performing sites. It is that simple. Fast, secure, optimised sites will perform better in the rankings.


The better your site is performing, the more likely Users are to spend time on the site, driving leads and conversions.

Enhanced User Experience

The better the UX on your site, the longer people will spend on it. Faster, optimised sites will improve the experience for anyone using your site.

Tips for Image Optimisation

File Type

Balance image quality with optimisation

Compress Images

Minimise the size of images without affecting quality

Add Alt Text to Images

Vital for SEO, UX and accessibility

Optimise Image Names and Descriptions

Keep them SEO friendly

Tools and Metrics

We use a variety of tools including Google Page Insights to ensure your site is performing in the best way:

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