Malware Clean-Up Service

Has your website been hacked and infected with Malware?

Don’t panic, we can help track down the malware and clean things up.

We will also help track down the source of the infection and secure the website to ensure that it does not get reinfected.

Once we’ve cleaned up the site we can put enterprise-level security measures in place to monitor and protect your website.

Why choose AWESEM to help with your Malware Clean-Up?

Fast Clean-Up

We respond fast to remove malware and provide details of everything we cleaned.


Trusted, cutting-edge security software that helps us identify compromised files.


Implementation of security measures that will help avoid reinfection.


Continuous security scanning and monitoring to help identify future security issues quickly.

Most common Malware infections

Malicious redirects

This malware redirects users that call up your website address to a malicious website. This can also include malicious auto-downloads.

Drive-by downloads

This type of malware injects malicious download links into your website to get your users to download a payload onto their local machine.


Hackers exploit outdated software, security loopholes in a code as well as default passwords.

Pharma hacks

This type of malware adds SPAM links to your website that lead to actual online pharma stores. These can even use conditional rules to control what the user sees making it much harder to locate.

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