What do users do when they visit your site? Knowing the answer is the key to conversion.

Whether it’s using a custom tracking application or an off the shelf product, we can offer a deeper insight into your site’s activity. This insight can be used to make informed decisions regarding both how you market your site and what to do when users get there.

Bespoke tracking solutions

If your ‘off the shelf’ reporting solution is dictating which data appears in your reports, then you might be in need of some custom reporting. Tracking the success of a site is specific to each site and business and includes more than just the ability to generate shiny reports.

We have worked with the majority of tracking products available, however, off the shelf tracking and reporting solutions, while great, don’t always provide enough flexibility. Custom reporting and tracking solutions provide flexibility from the implementation right through to providing the metrics that are important to your business and the decision making process.

Integrated reporting

Integrated reporting enables a new level of decision making by having all information available in one central location. AWESEM provides the data you need via online reporting and regular reports sent by email, at intervals defined by you.

A/B or Multivariate Testing

When it comes to choosing a suitable design and images, „call to action“ elements, headers as well as the exact wording of accompanying texts, it is HIPPO (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion) which usually decides. On the other hand, does the „highest paid person“ actually know what users want? Or, even more importantly, does he knwo whether a rectangular button will lead to better conversation rates than a round one? Even if he does, it’s better to use A/B and Multivariates Testing instead – and leave the decision to potential customers themselves.

A/B Testing is typically used in case of radical changes, such as completely altering a website’s frontpage or in order to compare two different options. Multivarates Testing, on the other hand, is mainly intended to refine and optimise an already existing design. Their differences notwithstanding, both methods will put you in the position of making qualified decisions based on conversation data.

Implementation support

It is important to understand the limitations of the systems that are in use, how to build and integrate new solutions, how to add additional features and also how to share data. Our development team will not only advise on new tools and conversion reporting processes but also build it for you or indeed assist your in-house team with the creation and implementation.

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