Truly multinational and multilingual, international marketing is a speciality of ours

Have a web presence in a multitude of languages or locations and need a strategy for each? Not a problem, we understand the differences between each territory’s preferences when it comes to search which makes us your ideal partner.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Well actually we do – along with many other popular languages that can be found on this beautiful planet. We have access to a multitude of business-focussed, mother-tongue speakers with one simple aim of helping our clients break into new markets, opening up a wealth of business prospects for them.

Going International

Managing multi-lingual marketing campaigns across multiple countries often requires the use of a number of local agencies and this process can be difficult and time consuming. Consolidating most, if not all, within a single agency significantly reduces logistic issues and should be a priority for International Online Marketing Managers. AWESEM specialises on the core and surrounding countries of European Union offering international online marketing services to the highest standards.

Agency consolidation

Using one agency consolidates a number of tasks, freeing your time for the important things on your agenda by having:

  • Bespoke, tailored reporting across multiple territories
  • Communications via one agency contact
  • Consultancy, support and implementation under one roof

AWESEM can provide the international online marketing service needed to make decisions allowing you to drive your business forward.

Common mistakes

Analysing online campaigns in foreign countries highlights a number issues with using agencies without expertise in this area, including:

  • Literal translations
  • Neglecting dialectic aspects
  • Missing minority languages
  • Implementing campaigns using language mash-ups

The resulting problems do not just tie up and waste resource and budget, but there is also the potential damage to a brand among international competition.

Contact AWESEM now and find out how we can assist in consolidating your international online marketing activities and provide the best solution for your business off-shore.