Custom WordPress

WordPress powers over 75 million websites.

WordPress is a firm favourite with a lot of people and for good reason. The blog / publishing platform has amassed a huge fan base over the years however if the theme you’ve chosen isn’t quite right then we can customise it for you.

You’re only limited by imagination

WordPress is an amazing piece of kit and we’re definitely big fans. While predominately a blogging platform, WordPress can be adapted to pretty much anything. We have worked on WordPress projects from blogs, to business Content Management Systems (CMS), online shops, photo galleries, booking engines – have a look at our portfolio!

Traditional blogs

This is what WordPress was initially built for, to provide bloggers with a feature-packed blogging platform and it does it remarkably well! Being popular however leaves a huge amount of users having the same look – that is unless you are prepared to do something about it and so you should!

If you need to make your WordPress blog standout in the crowd then we want to hear from you!

Content management systems

The WordPress platform is so flexible that it can be tailored to manage virtually any website. WordPress manages to take care of typical CMS functionality very well, the management of pages, news, images, text and much more – it even powers this text you are reading right now!

This internal functionality along with custom WordPress Plugins makes WordPress a serious contender in the corporate and enterprise CMS market, and one that we just love working with.

If you are interested in custom made WordPress themes for your website please get in touch with us.