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New Year’s Resolutions for WordPress Website Owners

At the end of 2016 we shared a post titled ‘Five Resolutions for Business Owners in 2017’ so to end 2017 in the traditional fashion we wanted to take a look back at that post and add a few new ideas for resolutions we can all carry into 2018 to better both ourselves and our businesses.

Our 2017 New Year’s Resolution Suggestions

  • Plan Out the Year
  • Streamline Your News Intake
  • Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Educate Yourself
  • Boost Your Productivity

Looking back on these suggestions, we still think they’re great resolutions that all business owners should take with them from year to year.

One we’d update for 2018 is the second one about streamlining your news intake. While we still agree that being cautious about the amount of news you consume is a good idea, we would also add the importance to fact check news before believing it verbatim. 2017 brought about an unprecedented rise in clickbait and scaremongering in both business and global news that means it’s more important than ever to double check your sources before making business decisions based on what you’ve read in a single news outlet.

In terms of looking ahead to 2018, there are a couple of new ideas we think should be added to our existing list:

Ask for Advice

It can be tempting to mull over your business-related conundrums in secret but asking for advice from the wider community is something we’re encouraging all business owners to consider in 2018. While this isn’t appropriate for all decisions, if you have a trusted mentor or fellow business owner who you can confide then, take a deep breath and confide away. We know it can be strangely nerve-wracking to ask for help from others but it’s a great way to get new insight and fresh ideas from those in the know.

Update Your Website

Haven’t yet switched to SSL? Got a note in the back of a drawer reminding you to get ready for the GDPR? Take stock of all of those website-related tasks you’ve been putting off and make it your mission to get them ticked off by the end of the January.

If you’re dragging your feet with this then keep in mind why you need to make these changes. Do you need a new website design because your current site isn’t mobile responsive? Think of all the potential customers you might be losing because of your outdated website. Need to switch to SSL? Read through the security enhancements SSL brings. Still not even sure what the GDPR is? Catch up on our post about what your business needs to know about the upcoming legislation. Whatever it takes you inspire yourself into action, make time for it over the next month. Even better, make time for it today.