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2018 in Review: the Biggest WordPress Stories of the Year

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With only a couple of weeks left of 2018 it’s time to take stock of the year so far and take a look back at the biggest WordPress news stories of the year.

If you’ve been too busy to keep up to date with all things WordPress then you might want to bookmark this post to refer back to during the Christmas peace and quiet, so you can swot up over a relaxing cup of tea.

Bitcoin and WordPress: 2018 has seen cryptocurrency really start to boom and become far more mainstream than ever before. We put together a list of plugins to allow users to accept cryptocurrency payments on WordPress sites.

Happy 15th Birthday: At the end of January WordPress turned a whopping 15 years old!

What is a WAF and Does Your Website Need One?: We answered some burning questions about Web Application Firewalls and discussed whether or not your WordPress website should have one in place.

WordPress Powers 30% of the Web: As March arrived it brought with it the great news that WordPress now powers 30% of the top ten million websites, as indexed by Alexa.

WordPress and Accessibility: We were delighted to see such an emphasis being put on accessibility throughout 2018 and the Amazon Polly plugin was a great step in the right direction.

GDPR Arrives: On May 25th the GDPR finally arrived and brought with it new legislation that impacted all businesses that hold data for customers within the EU. As part of this post we shared links to all of our previous GDPR-related posts, for easy reference.

Does Your WordPress Site Need Two-Factor Authentication?: Security was another hot topic throughout 2018 and two-factor authentication is something we wanted to shine a spotlight on.

Google Chrome Adds ‘Not Secure’ Warning for all HTTP Sites: As part of Google’s move towards a more secure web, in July Google Chrome began adding ‘not secure’ warnings for any sites still running HTTP. All the more reason to ensure your business sites are SSL-enabled.

WP Engine Launches Global Edge Security: In September we saw the launch of WP Engine’s Global Edge Security, their cloud-first security solution built using Cloudflare’s WAF.

The WordPress Community Prepares for Gutenberg: The biggest WordPress news of this last quarter of the year is the release of WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg. Back in September we shared a post discussing a few ways the WordPress community prepared for the release.