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WP Engine Launches Global Edge Security


At AWESEM you know security is one of our priorities, which is why we’re such big fans of WP Engine, one of the web’s most secure WordPress hosting platforms. We’re delighted to be partners of WP Engine and were thrilled to see yesterday’s news that they’ve teamed up with CloudFlare to launch the web’s first global edge security solution for WordPress.

Global Edge Security is a cloud-first security solution built using Cloudflare’s web application firewall, advanced DDoS mitigation, SSL and TLS encryption, and CDN, with the service reaching more than 70 countries across the globe.

WP Engine confirmed in their recent blog post about Global Edge Security that the following benefits can be enjoyed by customers:

  • Protects business operations with DDoS mitigation – Protects the origin infrastructure by detecting and dropping volumetric attacks at the edge of the Cloudflare Anycast network, which provides for highly efficient network routing.
  • Secures customer data with SSL/TLS encryption – Web traffic passes through the Cloudflare global network for encryption to prevent unwanted breaches, and this encryption protects sites from receiving the “not secure” label per Chrome v.68 updates.
  • Ensures app and server availability with managed WAF – Identifies new attack patterns and dynamically creates new WAF rules accordingly, protecting all WAF customers from known WordPress-specific vulnerabilities and emerging threats.
  • Accelerates Internet applications with full-page CDN – Full-page CDN reduces latency for faster delivery and provides full resilience in the face of high traffic volume or network congestion for a greatly enhanced, more consistent experience.

Those curious to learn more about the platform can do so here, and don’t forget to contact our team today if you’d like to hear more about WP Engine and other WordPress solutions we can help with, including site rebuilds and support.