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.Blog Domains Available Today!


Earlier this year the web was buzzing with the news that Automattic secured the rights to distribute and sell .blog domains. This would be the first time this specific top level domain would be available and many users, from individual bloggers to global corporations, have been waiting for the day they can secure the .blog domain for their own corner of the web.

Well, that day is today, as .blog domains are officially available for purchase. If you’re looking to secure a specific domain then we encourage you to move quickly, as the landrush has already taken place and there’s nothing more disappointing then discovering your perfect domain has already been taken.

To secure your domain, head over to and enter your domain or relevant keywords to double check what’s still available. If your specific domain has already been purchased, the search will suggest a number of available alternatives that provide a close match.

When WordPress announced the upcoming arrival of .blog domains, they answered the question of ‘why .blog?’ with the following:

“For years, .com was the dominant choice for website names, but it’s become increasingly difficult to find a name. With a top-level domain like .blog, you can get a name that truly matches your identity. Plus, you’ll get all the same benefits with Google search results.”

Opinions are mixed when it comes to the effectiveness of gTLDs, with numerous professionals singing their praises but many others questioning whether the hype around each new wave of domains is justified.

Rather than providing your business with additional benefits, the general consensus is that the main positive of opting for a TLD is that you’re more likely to secure that domain you’ve had your eye on for years. The .com and might already be taken but, if you move quickly, you can finally get your hands on the .blog.

So what do you think? Will you be purchasing the .blog counterpart of your existing website or is this one TLD trend you’re steering clear of for now?