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Gutenberg Callout Planned for WordPress 4.9.8

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WordPress 4.9.8 is on the horizon, with the release tentatively scheduled for July 31st. The main focus of the release is the ‘Try Gutenberg’ callout, which was previously planned for WordPress 4.9.5 but was pulled before the release to give the team more time to resolve a number of issues.

With the majority of bugs fixed, it looks as though ‘Try Gutenberg’ will be making its way into this upcoming release, helping users to get to know more about Gutenberg and for the team to collect feedback ahead of Gutenberg’s integration in WordPress 5.0.

Some of the new features in WordPress 4.9.8 are expected to be a button users can select to install the Gutenberg plugin, as well as details of issue reporting and further links and documentation to help bring users up to speed with how Gutenberg will enhance WordPress from version 5.0 and beyond.