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HeroPress: Stories from the WordPress Community

WordPress is all about community: from making your business accessible to consumers all over the globe, to the huge network of talented developers and designers who bring WordPress releases, plugins and themes to life. Tens of thousands of people from every walk of life make up this vibrant community and if you’ve ever visited a WordCamp event you’ll have seen this diversity in real life, which is both welcome and inspiring.

Online though? It can be harder to really see the diversity within the community. Enter HeroPress, launched by Topher DeRosia after speaking with a WordPress developer in Kolkata who discussed his struggles with ‘breaking into’ the community. After speaking with many others all over the world, Topher realised that there was a problem with developers, designers and other WordPress professionals feeling as though they merely operated on the fringes of WordPress.

HeroPress was born. A space for users of all nationalities, economic backgrounds, genders and cultures to come together and share their Hero journey. As Topher explains it:

HeroPress reaches out to people in the WordPress community who feel marginalized as a result of culture, language, gender, or anything else.

Our published essays come from people who have overcome barriers which previously kept them on the periphery.

As you may expect, within the archives and currently published HeroPress essays you’ll find inspiration, motivation and insight into successes and struggles from hundreds of WordPress contributors from everywhere from Argentina to Russia. In fact, there’s even a map feature on the site so you can see the scale of contributions!