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WP Glossary: WordPress Jargon Decoded

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We’ve all been there: you’re in a meeting at work, the techspeak starts flying and you find yourself completely lost and perhaps even feeling a little unsure of yourself as you just can’t keep up with all the terminology that everybody else seems to be fluent in. First of all, there’s never any reason to feel unsure of yourself if you aren’t up to date with the latest acronyms; everybody has a different level of technical knowledge and there will be plenty of areas that you specialise in where your colleagues aren’t so confident. Second of all, WP Glossary might be your new best friend.

Recently launched by WordPress theme creator, Anders Norén, WP Glossary is an easy to use catalogue of hundreds of WordPress terms, from basic to advanced.

Designed to be simple to navigate and accessible for all levels of technical ability, WP Glossary is the stress-free way to swot up on your WordPress knowledge and help you learn what a few of those mystery acronyms actually stand for. The terms appear by default on the homepage but there’s a handy search bar to help you jump right to your desired word. Can’t find the term you’re looking for? Head to the ‘Suggest Word’ section in the footer and you may find it popping up on the site in the near future.