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WordPress to Add Tools for GDPR Compliance

With less than two months until the GDPR arrives businesses are starting to put measures in place to ensure a seamless transition when the new legislation comes into effect in May – and WordPress is no exception. WordPress has shared the proposed roadmap for creating tools for GDPR compliance that will be added to WordPress Core, helping site owners understand what data they’re currently collecting and making it simple for plugin authors to comply with the new restrictions on data collection.

According to the WordPress blog, the planned additions to WordPress Core include:

  • Add notices for both registered users and commenters on what data is collected in core by default, and why
  • Create some guidelines for plugins on how to get compliant
  • Add tools to core to facilitate compliance, and privacy in general

We’re looking forward to seeing these tools get rolled out over the coming weeks, as it should make things a lot clearer and simpler for those site owners struggling to get to grips with how the GDPR might impact the way they run their website.

*Update: WordPress 4.9.6, the last update before the launch of the GDPR, has listed a number of new privacy features for GDPR-compliancy.*