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What Does it Take to Test 5000 WordPress Plugins?

There have been numerous discussions about the planned rollout of Gutenberg and how smooth this will be, though those concerned should rest assured that rigorous steps are being taken to ensure the launch will go off without a hitch. One of the measures that’s currently underway is an in depth test of 4500 plugins to determine their compatibility with Gutenberg so any tweaks or amendments can be made by the authors in advance.

In total, 5000 plugins will be tested (accounting for 90% of active plugin installs) and there are two main factors to consider when determining compatibility:

  • A WordPress user can perform the same functional task with Gutenberg active. For instance, if the plugin includes an “Add Media” button, it’s considered Gutenberg-compatible when it has a block registered for the Gutenberg inserter. Feature-parity, essentially.
  • There are no (obvious) errors when the WordPress plugin is active alongside Gutenberg.

As WordPress has always been a community effort, it’s fitting that this testing is fully crowd-sourced. Volunteers from the world of WordPress are dedicating time to the project, which will result in functionality we can all enjoy. Want to get involved yourself? It’s simple. Head over to to find out more about the project, register your interest and get your first batch of plugins to test.

Are you planning to sign up and volunteer your time? We’d love to hear how you get on so don’t hesitate to leave a comment below telling us about your experience.