We’re used to solving problems. We build things from the ground up that help solve your problems, and the best part? Our sites work!

Web Development

AWESEM provide hands-on implementation and support, alongside in-house web development teams if necessary, to directly benefit online marketing. We offer more than traditional marketing agencies, as we can provide the technical know-how to implement digital marketing solutions.

Custom WordPress Plugins

WordPress is great out of the box but it can be amazing after a few customisations with plugins. With a custom-made plugin you can take your site and add a forum, maybe a shop, a reservation system, a private members area, anything you can think of (within reason of course!)

WordPress Hosting

Most of the time we just want to get up and running, can we afford to spend time worrying about downtime, outages and compatibility issues? We’re guessing the answer is no so we’ll try and make this simple; we provide secure, fast and reliable WordPress hosting. The end.